Unlocking umami: The fifth taste you’ll want to know all about

The word umami has been a buzzword worldwide for some time now, but to many, its definition remains mysterious. What do you know umami to be? Some foodies may answer this question with a simple …

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tomatoes growing

Waste management in the kitchen and sustainability in cheffing

Two decades ago, the restaurant industry whipped up menus according to what chefs enjoyed cooking and what guests liked to eat with few other considerations about the world around them. Today, our food industry has …

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gomet chips

Food trends for 2022: What we’re eating and what chefs are preparing

We’ve already cooked our way through the first few months of the year. (Can you believe it?) And if you’re a culinary connoisseur, you’ve probably picked up on some food trends – spanning across food …

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typing on a computer

Best cooking schools: how to choose and what to look for

Are you a food lover and ready to take on the next step to choosing your study options? You’ve come to the right place. As an internationally accredited culinary school, we want to help you …

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christmas cookies

3 Fun Christmas treats to make with the kids this festive season

Ho ho ho. It’s that time of year again, when things are merrier and brighter, and baked goods a little more festive! To get in the holiday spirit, we’ve explored three tasty Christmas treats that …

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vegetarian meals

Vegetarian meals 101: fun dish ideas for World Vegetarian Day

The first of October marks World Vegetarian Day and we are celebrating! Whether or not you may already observe a vegetarian diet, this day is a wonderful opportunity to learn about trying (or partially attempting) …

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chef training

Chef training: behind the scenes of The Classroom Café

Behind every great meal and dining experience is a team of people — and the training facility that made it possible. Food and drink is not just a necessity in life, it is a true …

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cooking lessons

Cooking Lessons: South African traditions in and out of the kitchen

South Africans are approaching that special day again where we get to celebrate all the dads out there. And, everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! So this Father’s Day …

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pet friendly

Pet friendly pawsome dining: ideas from 1000 Hills Chef School

The culinary experience is a delectable one. As humans with complex palates and diet, we enjoy a vast variety of tastes and textures. But why limit the savouring to us? We believe that fine dining …

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Classic cakes: a guide to sweet treats

What is a special day without cakes? From birthdays to weddings, to Christmas and elegant high teas, cakes are worth celebrating and enjoying. With an upcoming occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, sweet treats deserve all …

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