Chef hierarchy: Understanding the pecking order in the kitchen

If you know us well, you’ll know our school’s onsite deli, which is run separately from the chef school. We’ve called it the ‘Yes Chef!” Deli. This name is significant to the culinary industry – …

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1000 Hills Chef School: International study options

South Africa is a hive of opportunity. If you’re from outside the country and considering this as your international study destination, you’ll be delighted by our diverse culture and friendly smiles. At 1000 Hills Chef …

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Easter weekend: Traditional dishes you have to taste

April’s Easter weekend brings visits from the Easter bunny, colourful chocolate eggs and hot cross buns. Some of us even enjoy red wine (or grape juice). Easter is celebrated across the globe, but each culture …

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culinary classes

1000 Hills Culinary Classes: Sharing passions with the best

In the famous words of Gordon Ramsay, “being a chef never seems like a job, it becomes a true passion”. We couldn’t agree more. At our family-run chef school, we believe in sharing our passions, …

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Graduation 2018: Another successful year at 1000 Hills Chef School

It’s a brand new year, ready to be filled with tasty morsels created by our talented chef students. But, before we welcome a fresh batch of aspiring chefs through our doors, let’s celebrate our success …

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Culinary arts course

A culinary arts course: The first step on the chef ladder

During your youth, there is no finish line more exciting than the last day of school. You can’t wait to put down your pen at the end of that final exam. Freedom! Can you taste …

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