cooking lessons

Cooking Lessons: South African traditions in and out of the kitchen

South Africans are approaching that special day again where we get to celebrate all the dads out there. And, everyone knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! So this Father’s Day …

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pet friendly

Pet friendly pawsome dining: ideas from 1000 Hills Chef School

The culinary experience is a delectable one. As humans with complex palates and diet, we enjoy a vast variety of tastes and textures. But why limit the savouring to us? We believe that fine dining …

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Classic cakes: a guide to sweet treats

What is a special day without cakes? From birthdays to weddings, to Christmas and elegant high teas, cakes are worth celebrating and enjoying. With an upcoming occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, sweet treats deserve all …

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chef's knives

Chef’s knives: get a handle on the blades

Are you a fan of cooking shows? Just watching the finesse and dexterity of chefs in action is enough to make anyone in awe of their work (let alone meals). The greatest kept secret to …

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entrepreneurial careers

3 Entrepreneurial careers to pursue as an amature chef

So, you’re about to finish your studies at 1000 Hills Chef School, and embark on an exciting new journey into the wide world of food. There are many entrepreneurial careers open to young chefs that …

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chef career

An interview with Chef Sgazo about pursuing a chef career

Chef Sgazo is a current Chef lecturer and former student of 1000 Hills Chef School. He graduated after two years with four internationally recognised culinary diplomas under his belt, and hit the food industry running! …

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