Attitude Is Everything!

Our school motto is “Attitude is Everything!” and this is the work ethos that we instil in our students, which is one of the reasons our students are highly sought after by top chefs. Our graduates are capable, confident young chefs who are practised in their art and find success based on their can-do attitude.



Welcome to 1000 Hills Chef School

Set in the beautiful Valley of 1000 Hills in KwaZulu-Natal, less than 40kms from Durban, 1000 Hills Chef School is an exclusive chef training school that offers full-time career training to passionate young chefs. Established in 2004, our school has a winning reputation in industry, owing to our success in national competitions and the hands-on skills our students bring to the world’s kitchens on graduating. We strive for excellence and our success as a school is completely driven by a dedicated commitment to making our students the best that they can be.

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Attitude Is Everything


Attitude Is Everything


Attitude Is Everything

“Cheffing is like mathematics. Without the proper foundation, you will never be able to progress to a higher level or achieve your full potential. It is very important to us that when a student leaves the school they have the knowledge they will need once they go into industry to do well and hold their own in any kitchen.”
Chef Dixi

Success Stories

Since the 1000 Hills Chef School was established, we have trained hundreds of young chefs to go out into the industry and be the best they can be. Many of these young culinary artists are now working in top class restaurants around the globe and have been awarded some prestigious accolades.

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Latest News

Team building

Second year culinary team building weekend

As part of their curriculum, our second years packed their bags and embarked on a team building weekend away. Three full days of new experiences, fabulous food, and quality bonding time – bliss! As a family …

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Culinary school: A week in the life of our chef students

It’s been a hectic week at our culinary school – 1000 Hills Chef School. From 29 June to 6 July our students have been on the go non-stop. While a chef’s life is filled to …

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