Kirsten Shaw – Chef Student, 2012 | Executive Sous Chef to Dominique Crenn

I graduated in 2012 with flying colours. In fact, our whole year did. It’s true that 1000 Hills Chef School is one of, if not the highest achieving culinary school in South Africa. Looking back now, with 6 years in the industry, every piece of advice, every skill set we were taught, has contributed to the able professional I am today. The beauty of the chef school (apart from the stunning location), is its hands-on view of cooking. We are given all the tools we need to walk into a professional kitchen at the end of our stay and be proactive.

No matter what your skill level, your prior academic achievements, or even your goal when graduation comes, each student is prepared for their future. The extramural work placements, the competitions, the total immersion into hospitality every weekend at the school restaurant and the Fine Dining tasting menus every month keeps you busy, inspired and driven. Chef Jade and her lecturers are pragmatic, exceedingly able, and thoroughly motivated; they are also, despite their allure, very approachable, understanding individuals.

Moreover, the school mantra “Attitude is everything” really does resume the mindset you need to have as a chef, no matter where you go or where you work. 1000 Hills Chef School instills the right work ethic from day one. Stay humble and kind no matter your achievements, respect yourself but also your peers, whom you will come to spend more time with than your own family, stay positive and driven, keep clean and organised, and your professional world will come together with ease.


Ndumiso ZweinChef Student, 2017

I graduated from 1000 Hills Chef School in December 2017. In the 10 months that I have been out of the Chef School, I have worked in a very well established restaurant – The Chefs Table in Umhlanga where I worked under top chefs! I was then offered a job in Howick at a new restaurant called Menu At Highgate. NOW I have been given an opportunity to do more training overseas at a place called Gasparilla Inn and Club in Florida, USA. I would like to thank all the chefs that have contributed towards my career; Chef Dixi, Chef Jade, Chef Sam, Chef Shaista, and Chef Kayla. I would also like to thank the school’s management for everything they have done for me. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants to get quality education and be trained by the best chefs.


Melissa Chrystal – Chef Student, 2015 | Chrystal’s Mobi Gourmet (Est. 2016)

Dear Chef Dixi. Just a short note to tell you that Melissa and her food truck catered a function at South African Country Districts Hockey Tournament. This was a week-long function and she had 3 official dinners on the Saturday, Wednesday and Friday. On these days she catered for 250, 230 and 250 people respectively. The other days she catered for roughly 50 people for lunch and 50 for dinner. She also ran her take away doing Prego rolls and added bacon rolls and wors rolls for a change for the teams. She worked with 5 school children from Boksburg High school and 2 temp staff members that used to work in a restaurant. Melissa had a field kitchen with 2 newly acquired stoves, one full gas and one gas/electric.

Melissa has found her comfort zone in her Food truck, she comes out her shell talking to customers and getting on with her business. Everyone was happy with her meals and we have to thank you for the training she received at 1000 Hills International Chef School. Melissa prepared 1244 meals for players and did over 600 takeaways during the week. She was an absolute star and we are very proud of what she achieved and you should be too as a former student of yours. For a little business that started this year, she is achieving great things. Thanks you and your Chefs for all that you taught Melissa over the 2 years she was there. Gillian and Chris Chrystal 12 July 2016


Dustin Hammond –Chef Student, 2015 | Executive Chef, Nambiti Hills Lodge

I would like to say thank you to Chef Dixon and John for the two amazing years @1000 Hills Chef School. I cannot wait to come and see you guys again. Dustin Hammond graduated in 2015 and was appointed Executive Chef at Nambiti Hills Lodge in March 2016.


Greg Heysamer – Parent, 2005

As parents, one always looks for the best for your children’s education, and after much research, we decided that Chef Dixi would provide the hands-on tuition that would best suit our son. The excellent results achieved by the whole class certainly justified our choice and I would like to thank Chef Dixi and congratulate her on the 100% pass rate for the final exams. The experience and network of contacts of Chef Dixi has resulted in our son being placed at one of the top ten restaurants in South Africa, and he is very happy, to say the least. I would recommend Chef Dixi’s practical hands-on style of teaching to all aspiring future Chefs.

Tim Lee

Hi chef! Just a quick update and big thank you! One of your boys is heading to Melbourne to compete in this year’s chef of the year award! And I’d just like to say thanks for a solid foundation and training! Wish me luck. I’ll do my best to bring the trophy home. Here we go, research, planning – execution!


Cherie-Lyn Godsmark – Chef Student, 2005

After much investigation and visits to all the different schools in the Durban area, I decided to further my education at The 1000 Hills Chef School. Their professional and individual way of teaching was what made me make the decision, and it has shown with the outstanding results achieved by all the students at the chef school. All the students received distinctions for their certificate exams. We have also been provided with external work opportunities throughout the year, working at large outside functions as well as being chef managers at the Loerie Awards in Margate.

The experience that I have gained whilst running the chef school restaurant has been invaluable and this I will take with me when I enter the job market. The small classes allow each student to develop personally and with the hands-on teaching methods, it is hard not to do well. I feel very fortunate to have studied at the chef school and have absolute confidence with regards to my cheffing abilities and when entering the industry.