Second Year | Advanced Professional Chef Course

advanced professional chef courseOur advanced programme is a must for the ambitious student planning a career as a Pastry Chef or for someone who plans to own their own eatery after a few years of industry experience.



Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Supervision

The course features advanced cooking skills and supervisory skills. Students are mentored and assessed in the following categories:

Food safety supervision for catering

Resource management in food preparation

Menu planning and costing

Global influences on eating and drinking

Supervise food production

Training and team development

Advanced course in French Patisserie

An advanced course in French Patisserie is incorporated, which features:

Introduction to and history of French pastry

Creams and icings (all the classics)

Petit fours and friandises

Hot and cold desserts

French terminology

All classical pastries

Piping techniques

Leavened doughs

Classical cakes

Chocolate work


Baked pastes

Show pieces

Sugar work



Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

The UK-based WSET is the world’s leading Wine and Spirit education body, with accredited centres in 62 countries worldwide. This internationally accredited certificate is another useful qualification for our students, focusing on knowledge of common grape varieties, wine styles from around the world, wine tasting skills, how to correctly serve wine and the pairing of food and wine.

Barista Course

Coffee is one of the fastest growing artisanal trends, and this course covers skilled presentation of all the most popular coffee drinks. Guest experts talk to students about coffees from around the world, and how growing, roasting and brewing techniques impact on quality.

The Deli

Our on-site deli exposes students to the practical side of a commercial venture, incorporating menu planning, scaled production and costing, budgets and controls. Students work in various roles in turn and are exposed to traditional and modern techniques used in creating quality artisanal foods, such as preserving and hot and cold smoking. Products such as pickles, jams, relishes and chutneys are produced and students are encouraged to experiment with new recipe development.

Cheese-making skills: A full range of cheeses are made in our cheesery

Charcuterie skills: Students are taught to produce a range of deli meats

The art of brewing: Our famous 1000 Hills Brewing Company is where 2nd years learn hands-on

Second Year Trip

One of the highlights of second year is the team building weekend away. This value-added addition to our curriculum provides the students with a chance to strengthen their friendships and enjoy quality bonding time. During the trip, our second years get the opportunity to visit noteworthy players in the industry, learn new skills, and take part in adventure-packed activities. It’s a wonderful experience for the students. Take a look at this years team building trip here.


Second Year Time Table

The course starts in late January each year and runs until the middle of December. Students attend school from 7:15 am to 4:30 pm from Wednesday to Sunday and may be required to attend additional courses outside of these hours. Students are encouraged to participate in many outside events, such as presenting craft beers at the monthly Bellevue Market and participating in culinary competitions. Chef Lecturers are very supportive of these ventures, offering their free time and advice to mentor students in every endeavour.


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