A culinary arts course: The first step on the chef ladder

During your youth, there is no finish line more exciting than the last day of school. You can’t wait to put down your pen at the end of that final exam. Freedom! Can you taste it? Long days of sunbathing on the beach, pool parties and chilling with friends – living the dream. But what’s next? Have you given thought to what you want to do with your life? If you’re passionate about food (and Chef’s Table is your favourite TV show), the chef life may be right up your alley. There’s nothing better than waking up each morning and getting paid to do what you love. Sounds perfect, right? So, how do you pursue your food dream after matric? By enrolling at 1000 Hills Chef School, of course. Our internationally recognised culinary arts course will take you from home cook to pro chef in only two years. Want to find out more? Keep reading!  

Choose our Foundation Chef culinary arts course

Here at 1000 Hills Chef School, our First Year Foundation Chef Diploma Course offers three diplomas in one year. It’s one of the best culinary arts courses in South Africa. Our students spend the bulk of their time in one of our seven industrial kitchens receiving hands-on, practical training. There are no snore-worthy, stare at a projector screen for hours, lectures here! We ensure all our students benefit personalised attention and experience every aspect of the food industry. So what will you learn during your first year? Discover more about each internationally recognised City and Guilds Diploma below:

Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking | Culinary Arts

This first qualification provides you with a solid foundation of industry principles. It covers essential practical applications, including knife skills, food preparation, cooking methods and styles. During this culinary arts course, you’ll work with a variety of ingredients and flavour combinations. And, we’ll let you in on the secret of perfecting your seasoning every time. Not only will you master various culinary techniques, but you will also learn about kitchen management, equipment and all-important health and safety.

Culinary arts course

Diploma in Food Preparation and Cooking | Patisserie

This culinary arts course is the first step towards your career as a pastry chef. (Second Year includes an Advanced Course in French Patisserie.) Our award-winning pastry lecturer, Chef Shaista Anoop, guides you through the curriculum, teaching you the techniques every great pastry chef can perform in their sleep. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to prepare the perfect choux with your eyes closed. The Patisserie Diploma includes baking, working with dough and pastry, and learning how to finish both hot and cold desserts.

Diploma in Food and Beverage Service

This course shows you what it takes to manage a successful food establishment. You’ll gain valuable insight into the business environment from a chef’s perspective, including how the front of house integrates with the team in the kitchen, and what role the customer plays in your business success. The course also focuses on customer service and provides an introduction to hot and cold beverages and food pairings. You will benefit from valuable industry experience in our on-site deli on the weekends. (Want to taste what you could be cooking? Book a table at The Deli and try our current students’ food for yourself.)

Further your culinary skills in year two

The culinary fun doesn’t stop after year one! Do you plan on becoming a top pastry chef? Want to manage the world’s best kitchens? Or, perhaps, you dream of your own eatery? Our Second Year Advanced Professional Chef Course is the next step on your cheffing ladder. During this final year, you will earn an Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Supervision with key skills in managing a kitchen team, and you’ll complete an Advanced Course in French Patisserie. The syllabus also includes a Barista Course, Wine and Spirit Education, and learning the art of cheese-making and charcuterie.


So, are you ready to step up to the plate? Your chef career starts here! Let our culinary arts course open your door to top kitchens all over the world. Enrol at 1000 Hills Chef School today.

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