Celebrate Heritage Month with lekker braai food

It’s Heritage Month! A time of celebration and reflection – a time to come together as a nation. Many South Africans spend Heritage Month absorbing our country’s cultures, and frequent local art galleries and museums. Others travel around South Africa, taking in the sites and marvelling at the beauty of our majestic land. But the most popular way we honour our heritage is, without a doubt, with delicious braai food. Nothing says ‘proudly South African’ more than a lekker braai! Have you planned your Heritage Month feasts yet?

heritage month

The good, the better and the downright delicious 

There are so many foods you can cook on a braai, and so many amazing dishes to make with them. Sensational braai food is easy to whip up (if you know how to use a braai, that is) and the braaing process is a fun and social way to prepare meals. It’s no wonder us South Africans associate Heritage Month with braai food – a braai brings people together! And what better way to celebrate our proud nation than with friends, family and our local flavours. 

Our legendary boerewors

When people from other parts of the world hear ‘South Africa’, they almost immediately think of boerewors. And there’s a good reason for that – it’s ours! We made this beautiful creation. From the very first bite, you’re hooked. It bursts with flavour, and satisfies like none other. The best way to eat this braai meat, you ask? We would have to go with the classic boerewors roll, topped with caramelised onion and tomato relish – simply mouth watering!

heritage month

Chicken or steak?

South Africans braai chicken in many different ways. We spice it and cook it as a whole, cut it into kebabs and drench it in honey mustard sauce, and our favourite – used it to make peri-peri drumsticks. But even more popular than chicken on the braai is a juicy piece of steak. You could say braais and steak go together like Mandela and Madiba shirts – always together, and always magic when together.

Meet the braaibroodjie

A toasted sandwich, or braaibroodjie, allows you to get really creative with your filling. We recommend a fried onion, biltong and cheese sarmie, but any filling of your choice will do! Why not throw some on the braai this Heritage Month? They are so easy to make and cook quickly on the braai. Trust us, you will love them – and the kids will too!

heritage month

Braai classics: Lamb and pork

When it comes down to it – no braai meat can compete with lamb and pork. We just can’t get enough! Lamb chops and curried lamb sosaties are always a hit, and sticky sweet and sour pork chops and pork ribs are so good, you’ll want to cook a few extra to avoid fighting over the last one! Looking for a great sweet and sour marinade? Try this combination: sugar, honey, oil, lemon juice, paprika and chilli flakes. 

Try this: Snoek on the braai

If you’re not a fan of red meat, why not braai some snoek this Heritage Month? Snoek is quick to braai, and can be cooked with foil on the coals or straight on the grid. When cooking on the grid, just make sure the fillet doesn’t stick. Rub it with oil before hand and shake the grid on occasion to prevent it from sticking. We love a good piece of braaied snoek with chilli sauce or apricot jam – yum!

heritage month

Get veggie with it!

Have you tried a braaied salad before? All you need to do is place some onions (skin included) on the braai coles, and pop some tomatoes, peppers and mealie cobs onto the grid, and leave them to cook until charred. Then you simply add these veggies to your raw greens and bam! – you have a rocking braai salad to go with your Heritage Month feast. Veggie kebabs are another great alternative to meat, and are so quick and easy to make. Just cut up some mushrooms, peppers, onions and marrows and place them on sosatie sticks, then drizzle them with a marinade of syrup and wholegrain mustard and leave them on the braai until charred. Bon appetit! 

Light ‘em up, it’s Heritage Month!

Get out those braais, everyone. It’s time to cook up a storm in celebration of our nation. Let’s be honest, when food tastes this good, we can’t help being proudly South African! 

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