3 Entrepreneurial careers to pursue as an amature chef

So, you’re about to finish your studies at 1000 Hills Chef School, and embark on an exciting new journey into the wide world of food. There are many entrepreneurial careers open to young chefs that inspire a good work ethic and get the creative juices flowing. For example, opening a bakery, starting a catering business, and creating marketable speciality goods are all fine ways to begin your professional chef career. Read about these inspiring professions below, and explore more culinary avenues open to young chefs here.


entrepreneurial careers


Entrepreneurial careers for culinary graduates:

1. Open a bakery

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked cupcake, scone or danish? Opening a bakery is a great way to practise and refine your patisserie skills, and earn some extra dough (wink wink) to further your cheffing dream. You can specialise in just one pastry, like croissants, or create and sell a wide range of confectionary delights, such as doughnuts, shortbreads and cakes. (Discover pastry chef techniques for making the best chocolate desserts.) Even gluten-free and vegan options would be sure to go down well! You can also open a little café in your bakery so visitors can sample your tasty treats over a steaming cuppa. And launch an online store too so loyal customers can place orders at the click of a button. Whatever floats your pastry boat – this entrepreneurial path is a sure-fire way to launch a stellar career in food!


entrepreneurial careers


2. Start a catering business

If you enjoy whipping up plates full of delicious, wholesome food, the catering life might be your ideal culinary platform. The Advanced Second Year Diplomas you earned at 1000 Hills Chef School will provide you with the culinary expertise and service industry know-how necessary for running a successful catering business. And the flexible time you gain on the job will allow you to take your skills to a whole new level. To begin your catering business, we suggest starting off small, providing your service on the weekends and testing out new flavour combinations and cooking techniques during the week. And once you’ve found your niche, you can expand your client base and focus on creating the food you love most – whether it be decadent desserts, baked goods, gourmet cuisine, or street-style food.


entrepreneurial careers


3. Create and sell specialty goods

We believe special culinary gifts should be nurtured. If you create a unique specialty good that your friends and family can’t get enough of, why not sell it to the public for a profit and get your name out there while you’re at it? Creating a line of jams and sauces, for example, and selling it at local markets will kick-start your food career and help fund your culinary dream – whether it be opening your own restaurant, gaining international work experience, or purchasing a food truck. Click here for more inspiring entrepreneurial careers in food.


entrepreneurial careers


Which of these entrepreneurial careers will you pursue?

If you’re ready to start your cheffing journey, consider the entrepreneurial careers in this article. You’ll find they are just as enjoyable as they are rewarding. For more chef career guidance, get in touch with our team.