Culinary careers for young chefs

At 1000 Hills Chef School, we give our students a practical foundation in food preparation and service so they can build careers as professional chefs. But with so many possible culinary careers to choose from, how does a young chef decide which direction to take? Let’s have a closer look at some of the exciting culinary options available to our graduates, and if you’re thinking of becoming a chef too, take note of the career that stands out to you. 

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Top culinary careers after graduation

So you’ve got the passion, and the skills (and four internationally-recognised culinary diplomas), but need to choose a direction for your culinary career. Maybe you’re choosing between a few areas of interest, or still learning what’s out there. Whatever your situation, exploring these culinary careers will be bound to shed some light on your decision, and inspire you down a professional path.   

Sous Chef or Chef de Partie

A great starting point for your career as a professional chef is to work as a Sous Chef. You would be second in command in the kitchen, and work under the Executive Chef or Chef de Cuisine. This is an ideal position to be in if you want to become the Head Chef yourself one day, as you can learn from a mentor. Another option would be to work as a Chef de Partie and be in charge of a particular area of production in a restaurant.

Commercial catering 

Cooking for a catering service is also a viable career choice for a young chef. If you love working at different venues and events, and seek diversity in a job, then catering could be a the right career for you. 

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If you’ve always dreamed of owning your own business, then why not try the entrepreneurial culinary route? You can have your own food truck, or stall at a farmer’s market. You might even want to run a deli, bakery or restaurant. The possibilities for culinary entrepreneurs are endless! 

Retail food 

If you’re interested in selling food that you have prepared, but not in a restaurant environment, retail might be your best fit. You could consider developing your own brand of food products and selling them to supermarkets, or set up an e-commerce store for your brand. You never know, it could take off and become a global name in the food industry.

Food Stylist

Are you passionate about making food look beautiful? Arranging it just so on a plate so that it wows consumers, and is #instaworthy? Then set your goals on becoming a Food Stylist.

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Cruise Liner or Airline Chef

Keen to travel the world, and cook at the same time? Then aspire to become a professional chef on a cruise liner or airline. You can prepare your own delicacies for in-flight passengers or dazzle cruise guests with your flair for fine dining. Sound good? – then circle this one! 

Food Writer or Critic

Are you a self-proclaimed ‘super-foodie’ with some serious writing skills, and enjoy frequenting all the trendiest food joints in town? Then why not try your hand at being a Food Writer or Critic? Food Writers typically work for publications, and have a good knowledge of culinary traditions and techniques from around the globe – a fine choice of career for a 1000 Hills Chef School graduate.

So many culinary careers, so much time to explore!

Graduates of 1000 Hills Chef School, you are ready to take the food industry by storm, and we have every confidence in you. If you try out a few different things before settling, that is absolutely fine! Being a young chef is all about exploring your options and finding what truly makes you happy.

If exploring these culinary careers has inspired you to become a chef in the future, get in touch with us so we can chat about your education at our proud culinary school. Who knows, you might be the next great chef!