An interview with Chef Sgazo about pursuing a chef career

Chef Sgazo is a current Chef lecturer and former student of 1000 Hills Chef School. He graduated after two years with four internationally recognised culinary diplomas under his belt, and hit the food industry running! Click here to learn more about our culinary diplomas. We are proud of Chef Sgazo’s many successes as a professional chef, and are very grateful to have him back at our school. Chef Sgazo’s experience in the industry makes him a valuable role model to our young students, so we are thrilled that he can impart his wisdom on to the next generation of young chefs. Recently, we sat down with Chef Sgazo for a video interview, where he shared stories from his time at 1000 Hills Chef School and events of his thriving chef career. If you’re interested in becoming a professional chef, we urge you to read his inspiring words below.

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Chef Sgazo’s chef career interview

Q1. What were some of your highlights as a student of 1000 Hills Chef School?

I spent a lot of my time in the school participating in various competitions. Proud to say that I hold the title for the South African Sweet Young Chef!

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Q2. What did you do after you graduated from 1000 Hills Chef School?

I worked in various establishments. One of them being the Oyster Box Hotel, which was titled ‘the best hotel in the country’. I moved on to work in the United States of America in Louisville, Kentucky, at the Seelbach Hilton Hotel. It’s been a phenomenal experience for me – a great experience. And the industry and the school has opened unimaginable doors for me.

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Q3. Given the current circumstances, what is your advice to Matrics who want to pursue a chef career?

With Covid-19 hitting us in this country and globally, I know a lot of Matriculants are stressed about their careers and the paths that they taking. Those who are choosing this industry should have no worries because the industry for many years has had a shortage of chefs. And it is still growing. And it is still moving in different directions and evolving in a very unimaginable form.

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chef career

Do you want a thriving chef career?  

If Chef Sgazo’s chef career has inspired you to pursue one yourself, we urge you to study the culinary arts at 1000 Hills Chef School. If you’re interested, you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our world-class culinary diplomas and campus life. We would love to interview you and show you around our beautiful campus, but keep in mind that places are limited for 2021. Please get your online application in as soon as possible to secure your spot. Enrol now for the class of 2021 and we’ll be in touch.